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Friday, 27 January 2012

Description of Hologram

          Hologram is forgeries of photographic images that is formed by 3D and made with laser lights. The hologram is formed from comparing the lights waves in the reflected beam and light waves in the reference beam. The both will produce the hologram in some small stripes but complex on the image.
          The hologram is also used to detect disturbance in engines and aeroplanes but it especially can detect forgeries an image by comparing two holograms and it looks real  under slightlly  different conditions.
          As we know the hologram was suggested by a Hungarian who was born in British in 1947. He is Dennis Gabor, a physicist. The hologram will work if the laser lights is on condition.
          Emmet Leith and Juris Upatnieks in Michigan were the first discoverer of  holograms, but in the Soviet Union, Yuri Denisyuk also discovered the holograms.
          The amazing finding in 1993 there were 10,000 pages of data which can be stored in a lithium nobate cristal in measuring just 1 cm.
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